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Christmas Show 2015

 2015 Christmas Craft Show and Sale will be taking place December 3, 4 and 5.

We are in the process of changing the registration procedures for our Christmas show. We will no longer be using pre-registrations or deposits. The re-vamped registration packages will be mailed out on April 1st. Last years vendors will have until June 30th to submit their completed registration forms and full fees. Registration will be open to the general public after June 30th. Because we are a Farmers’ Market make it, bake it, grow it vendors take priority over commercial vendors. We will accept no more than 20% commercial vendors.

All last years vendors will automatically be sent a registration package. If you were not a vendor last year please send me your address in order to receive a registration package.

More information to come,to register contact the office.

Phone: (780) 814-8224 or E-mail:

An overhead view of our 2013 Christmas Craft Sale.