Grande Prairie Farmers' Market

Fresh, friendly, fun!

Vendor list by product

Below you will find a list of all our quality Farmers’ Market vendors listed by product or service. Some vendors may be listed multiple times because their products fit in more than one category.


Ruth Sonnenberg, Burnt Offerings, Off The Wheaten Path, Eastcoast Sweets,  Robin Froese, Baba To Be, Alma Dyck, Amanda’s Palo Pit


Bridgeview Garden, Grandview Colony, Red Willow Gardens, Ridge Valley Colony, Dunvegan Gardens, Gone Local, Fortunato Fruits, The Homestead


The Butcher Shop, Grandview Colony & Dalen Heritage Farms, Ridgevalley Meats, The Homestead

Food Court

El Norteno Tacos ,  A Taste of Egypt, Baba to Be and Off the Wheaten Path

Food Misc.

Stuffitz Loose Teas, Watkins Many Creations, Mary Li Dumplings  & Loaves, Wapiti Bean Co


Tina Larson Sweets, Eastcoast Sweets


Lyle & Aly Floen (Cedar Products), Sietsma Family Business & Wallace`s Woodwork (Cooks Creations), Peter’s Wood Crafts, Barb & Phil Marchand


Cooks Creations, Jane`s Chair Booties, Judy Jamieson, Ken & Orma Hansen, Leona Longson,  Rustic Crafts,Native Made, Pixie Dust & Fairy Wings, Purdy Stamps,  Watkins Many Creations, Fishermans Daughter

Jewelry and Shoes

A Twist of Fate, Em&M, Magnolia &Vine


Calvin Cornish

Personal Products/Services

Pamper Yourself Massage, Podiflex Foot Massage, Treats for Feet, Bubblecake Factory.


Mama Dees Dog Biscuits, Treats for Feet, Watkins Many Creations, Pixie Dust & Fairy Wings,  Rada Knives,  Purdy Stamps, Partylite, Western Angel, Tupperware,  Norwex, Elaines Unique Plants, Em & M, Tri Pow Greens, Scentsy, Rustic Creations

abc vendor list

A Twist Of Fate
 Alma Dyck (Baking)
 Amanda Palo Pit
 Barb & Phil Marchand
Bubblecake Factory
Bridgeview Gardens
Burnt Offerings
Calvin Cornish
Cedar Products
Cooks Creation
Dalen Heritage Farm
 Discovery Toys
Eastcoast Sweets
Elaines Unique Plants
Fishermans Daughter
Gone Local
 Heathers Healthy Living Oils
 Jane's Chair Booties
 Judy Jamieson
Mama Dee's
Mary Li
 Off The Wheaten Path
Peace Rocks (Located at RedWillowGardens)
Pixie Dust Tutus
Purdy Stamps
Rada Knives
RidgeValley Colony - meat
Ridgevalley Colony - Produce
 Ruth Sonnenberg - Baking
Sietsma Family Business
 Tina Larson Treats
 The Butchershop

Tri Pow Greens

 Treats For Feet
Turkish Magic Kitchen
 Wapiti Bean Co
Watkins Many Creations
Western Angel Unlimited